How can People Analytics help my team deliver?

We help people create better people reports.

  • Better monthly reporting
  • New insights about your people
  • Supporting transformation and change

People Analytics brings a data-driven approach to managing people, their performance and workforce strategies.

Analysis and reporting tools help individuals improve their performance, helps managers lead their teams, and helps senior decision makers deliver on their strategic goals.

Automating regular reports, using innovative data analysis techniques and introducing new technology can reduce the administrative burden and deliver more effective reporting. Ultimately driving better performance, productivity and employee engagement across your business.

Better monthly reporting

The administrative overhead of producing the typical regular monthly reports can be expensive, time-consuming and often error prone. This prevents HR teams from delivering more frequent reports and delays or prevents the creation of new reports.

Increasing the efficiency of creating regular reports is critical to creating a solid foundation for delivering great people analytics capabilities.

A great analytics platform that is easy to use, reliable, and secure can help your team deliver more reports to more people, more frequently. This can lead to fundamental changes, helping leaders make more informed decisions.

Automation is the most essential element of a great analytics team. Automating the data collection and maintenance (the data engineering aspects) allows HR people to focus on using their business knowledge rather than fighting the technology. Automating the report creation and delivery process reduces the cost of work that isn't visible or valued. (It also greatly reduces the chance of costly mistakes.)

New insights about your people

With the right people analytics platform, it becomes possible for your HR business partners to focus on finding interesting and insightful data. This helps communicate stories and justify their opinions with data when supporting heads of departments and senior leaders.

People Analytics provides the mechanism to detect issues and opportunities that would otherwise be difficult or impossible. It becomes possible to detect trends over time, drill down into common issues across large data sets, and investigate patterns across teams.

When a manager asks you "tell me something interesting", People Analytics helps HR professionals lead the conversation with informed insight.

Supporting transformation and change

Accurate and up to date people data is essential to the success of many business transformation programmes, including mergers, acquisitions, redundancies, organisation redesign, and diversity improvement projects.

People analytics can provide insight into the current state and help plan objectives and roadmaps. Regular reports help ensure the projects are delivering on schedule and to budget.

Transformation reports of workforce metrics provides the insights necesarry to monitor cost saving targets, hiring rates and track the delivery towards achieving talent management objectives.

How we help teams deliver people analytics

Consultancy and guidance

Technical and business advice to help teams deliver better people analytics and reporting.

Platform design and build

We help teams design and build scalable, effective and secure analytics platforms.

People analytics tools

Ready to use tools to automate your data collection, management, analysis and reporting.

Deliver Better People Analytics

We can help you create or enhance your analytics and reporting platform, improve your HR reporting and enhance your analytics capabilities.