Great questions to ask in performance reviews

  • Types of questions to ask
  • Question topics and subject areas

One of the most challenging aspects of running performance review meetings can be working out what questions to ask. Questions will vary for employees at different stages of their careers, by their roles and responsibilities.

The business objectives should also lead the questions asked during regular appraisals so employee reviews can inform and guide individuals, teams and the whole company.

We provide Performance Appraisal software that helps teams deliver great employee reviews. Our platform includes a library of questions across a range of skills than can be tailored or extended as required. The question library provides inspiration and guidance for HR administrators to help reduce the burden of employee reviews.

Types of questions to ask

Performance reviews are a great opportunity for people to communicate and discuss objectives, strategies, targets and opportunities. Questions should allow appraisers to provide constructive feedback and allow analysis and aggregated reporting across teams.

Questions that prompt answers and insight

Question types will vary depending on the type of appraisal and the objectives of the performance review cycle. For example, 360 degree appraisals where peers, customers, direct reports and managers provide feedback can be scored with a rating scale to allow analysis and comparisons. Free text answers are useful for providing explanations, background information or justify rating decisions.

Competency-based and behavioural questions

Core competencies describe behaviours, knowledge, skills and personal attributes that an organisation wants individuals to possess to assess them in a role. Such characteristics define what makes individuals and teams of individuals successful within their roles, teams and organisation.

Core competency-based appraisals are an ideal way to identify and utilise employee strengths, focus on their development needs and drive performance improvements across a business. Competency-based appraisals are an increasingly popular way of appraising behaviour and assessing role output.

Question topics and subject areas

Performance review meetings should cover a range of business areas, skills and capabilities. They should allow appraisers to consider the critical skills an employee has, how they can develop, and how the employee can help the business meet key objectives.

The following subject areas should be considered when developing a performance appraisal question library.

Accountability, Results and Initiative

Business, Financial and Strategic Awareness

Change Management, Leadership and Resources

Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Cultural Awareness

Flexibility and Reliability

Knowledge and Continuous Learning

Managing People, Planning and Organisation

Problem-solving and Decision Making

Relationship Management

Self Management and Teamwork

Getting started

We help teams deliver effective performance appraisal strategies with cloud software that is easy for people to use. We provide ready to use questions and offer support to teams that need to improve their review processes.

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