Selection criteria & scorecard

Define important criteria and tell staff.

Score staff against criteria using a scorecard.

Selection Criteria

These are the questions used to assess and compare employee skills during the redundancy process.

They define important skills and expertise you need to keep. Using the right selection criteria means you'll retain the best people with the right skills for the future of your business.

What do important criteria look like?

Research indicates the most relevant selection criteria include:

  • question meaning and attainment levels
  • importance weightings and role applicability
  • transparent scoring framework
  • fair assessment, comparison and selection

That's why you need to ensure you retain best employees with the right skills, expertise and behaviour working for you. The most effective way of identifying these key attributes is by using selection criteria questions.

Redundancy Selection Scorecard

Using a selection criteria points system provides clarity to all those involved in the redundancy process about:

  • skills your business would like to keep
  • what redundancy selection criteria is being used
  • how staff will be scored against the criteria
  • method used to select redundant staff
  • notifying staff of your redundancy decision

A selection criteria points system should include a question, explanation, answer options and points awarded. Each question should define a skill, quality or expertise you would like to keep and which are required in the role. This selection criteria points system is the most effective way to assess team members, managers and leaders.

An essential part of a redundancy criteria, scoring and selection process is capturing feedback. A redundancy scorecard is the ideal tool to use for this activity.

We have included a scorecard in our three selection criteria options, allowing you to capture evidence of observed behaviour (scores providing by assessors and any notes).

Our selection criteria question framework will help you make employees, managers and leadership teams redundant.

All packages include everything you need to score, compare and select which employees to make redundant.

Three options to choose from

We have three grouped our Questions are grouped by employee core skills and leadership qualities questions.

Question are available separately or as a combined option.

Employee skills

Core skills, attitude and behaviour.

Leadership qualities

Managing people, finances and operational resources

Employee + Leadership

Includes both employee skills and leadership qualities.

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