How to select staff for redundancy

Here's how we can help you make staff redundant...

we provide the Tools to help you start selecting staff for redundancy

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We offer three packages which include all the tools you need to starting assessing your roles, scoring staff and making informed redundancy selection decisions of who needs to leave your business.

Employee core skills

Leadership qualities

Both sets of questions

You ask the questions

we provide the Questions so you can identify the best staff with the right skills

Build a picture of individuals within your organisation by asking the right questions about skills, attitude and behaviour.

Each package includes a range of selection criteria questions for you to ask those at risk of redundancy. Questions come with a description, suggested importance weighting, scoring range and are assigned as an employees skill or leadership quality.

We suggest you ask all questions to understand everyone's skills and to identify your key people to retain. Manager specific questions also help assess leadership qualities.

you score staff

we provide the Scorecard for you to record question responses and skill levels

Our selection criteria scorecard provides the mechanism to record your observations of skill, attitude and behaviour of each person at risk of redundancy.

Each selection criteria questions and rate staff against each question. Using our package include a suggested importance weighting. These can can used to

Once completed it provdes the basis to rank staff against each other and converted to an overall weighted score to identify individuals you'll want to keep.

you make your Decision

we provide the Guidance so you know what needs to happen, when and how

When it's time to make your redundancy selection decision, we'll guide you through the process in our easy-to-follow reference material.

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