People Analytics

Reports, analytics and dashboards for HR people and business leaders.

Deliver better operational behaviour and tranformation with effective analysis and reporting.

Automate HR reporting

Standard HR reporting, created automatically, delivered automatically, as often as you need.

Transformation projects

Support your change programmes with real time reports and analysis. Provide your project teams with the information they need to make their decisions.

Insight and analysis

Understand your people data with reports for key objectives such as diversity and performance.

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People Analytics from your HR data

Create dashboards and reports to communicate your stories and inform your decisions

Business transformation is complex. People analytics and reports help set your objectives, compare options and strategies and track delivery progress.

Deliver a range of HR reports to track employee metrics such as headcount, performance management and employee wellbeing.


Help leaders visualise your organisation's key data with dashboards that deliver insight and understanding.


Understand your organisation, provide effective management reporting and plan for change.

People analytics

Discover patterns and trends in your people data. Understand your data and provide reports that offer the insight that your organisation needs.

HR metrics

Transform and manage your data to provide a strong foundation for HR analytics and insights.

Some Useful Employee Metrics

Deciding on the most useful employee metrics can be overwhelming. Below are some suggested metrics that provide insight on employee wellbeing, team performance and overall company health.

Employee engagement

Employee engagement is a measure of employee committment to their role, their team and the company.

Employee Net Promoter score

How likely are employees to be "promoters" (rather than detractors or passive) of the company to their peers.

Staff turnover and attrition rates

The number of employees leaving voluntarily (such as resignation or retirement) as a proportion of the total number of employees in a given timeframe.

Deliver Better People Analytics

We can help you create or enhance your analytics and reporting platform, improve your HR reporting and enhance your analytics capabilities.