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Deliver great performance reviews

Running manual employee performance reviews is time-consuming and challenging to scale.

Our cloud based performance management software allows companies of all sizes to deliver great experiences for employees, managers, decision-makers - and the HR team.

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The easy-to-use web interface helps appraisees and appraisers be more prepared for review meetings, leading to more productive conversations. Automating the appraisal process allows the collection of data, and removes the burden of creating individual and summary reports.

Your existing HR database can be used to manage the list of appraisees and their managers/direct reports. If you don’t yet have a great HR management system, alternatively our performance management software integrates seamlessly with our Core HR software

Individual and team performance over time

Easy to set up and easy for people to respond to survey requests. Individual employee reports to help managers provide feedback.

Team and organisation performance at a glance

Summary reports for team and organisation overviews. Realtime feedback with reports that provide insight.

Team performance dashboard

Automate the HR administration

Set up your performance reviews without the pain. Remove the burden of sending invitations to managers and employees. Automate the gentle reminders and improve your completion rates.

Reports and analytics are automatically calculated to help you track performance improvement (and opportunities) in real time. Reliably.

Automating the appraisal process