Employee records

Store personal details, employment terms, hire dates, roles, time-off and more.

Collect, store and maintain all your important employee and employment data in one single, secure cloud database.

With Waypoint HR, all your sensitive employee information lives in a single, secure location, accessible by only the people you choose.

Screenshot of People List
Screenshot of Teams and Departments

Team profiles

Visualise your people by their locations, teams, roles, departments or their managers.

Immediately access employee contact information (including emergency contacts), team structure and role profiles.

Employee records can be grouped in the way that makes the most sense for your organisation. Flexible team, department and location options allow you to setup your config that’s right for you.

Easy to learn. Easy to use.

For example, creating employee records is made easy with a wizard-style step by step process.

When information changes, records can be updated easily and quickly, with important history automatically recorded.

Safe. Secure. Compliant.

A suite of network, data and application technologies works to protect your HR information. Waypoint HR is a fully managed cloud web app, with automatic backups of your data, automatic software updates and no software to install.

Access to Waypoint HR is protected by sophisticated infrastructure technologies such as firewalls and virtual networks. Your HR data is automatically encrypted as it is stored. Smart monitoring verifies the platform, the application code and the data integrity.